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Happy holidays from Amor Skin Therapy and Moor Than Mud!  We are loving the cozy nights by the fire and self-care induced weekends at home.  Sometimes we have to go in and prioritize our own health in order to experience all the wealth in our lives.  

We are running a special 10% off for Moor than Mud products through the end of the year using the promo code: happyholidays on moorthanmud.com. This includes all muds and essential oils.  If you’re looking to raise your frequency, these powerful tools from the earth are your ticket to starting the new year off happy and healthy. Please check out our featured products below. Whether shopping for loved ones or making time for yourself, you deserve a treat this holiday season.

Who would have thought you’d get the gift of MUD this holiday season?

Why Mud?

Over the past centuries humans have discovered the power of the bogs in northwester Europe.  Peat lands cultivate and support the composting of the earth’s flora and fauna, and because of the acidic nature, wetness, low temperature, and sentence of oxygen, northern bogs have become notorious for sustaining life, specifically, our bodies.  Peat Moor Mud has amazing preservation properties which help combat aging and enhancing the quality of life.  

When applied to the skin it penetrates partially between the epidermis cells of the skin.  When the ending process with albumin in the skin occurs, an exchange reaction of ions is produced.  The harmful positive ions in the skin tissues are echoed for the rejuvenating negative ions on the mud.  These particles are captures by the blood vessels in the system and carried through the body to facilitate healing and establishing the skin’s natural pH balance. Applying mud to the skin increasing blood flow, while puling out toxins and tightening the skin.  It is naturally hypoallergenic, powerful and yet gentle (safe for kids).  

The incredible benefits of muds include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and are helpful in treating acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, balancing hormones, treating inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, digestive congestion, circulation issues, topical infections, insect bites, carpal tunnel, headaches, athletes foot, sprains, strains and in treating muscle discomfort, and that’s just the beginning.  

Important Contraindications: After four months of pregnancy it is safe for pregnant women to use mud in a foot bath but no mud body wraps.  For those with tuberculosis, heart disease, heart conditions, acute hypertension or lupus, it is important to bath in body temperature water, NOT HOT WATER. Please consult your doctor if you are experience serious problems that need medical attention.  Some people might have sensitivities to the mud, especially if they are unhealthy, so it’s best to do a patch test to make sure you can handle a bath, mask or wrap. 

Moor Mud is not a cure for every skin condition or disease, however it may provide marked improvement in the appearance of one’s skin, may de-escalate pain systems and be beneficial in anyone’s general quality of life

Mud Face masks and Body wraps

Full-body mud wraps are incredible for your whole system.  The mud can also be applied to the face for acne and face tightening.  Our mud pulls out impurities while healing without scarring. Sensitive skin leave on up to two minutes; oily skin up to six minutes.  You can even mix the mud with our therapeutic oils for a combined and targeted effect.  This is the cleanest mud you’ll ever find! 

Please consult your doctor if you have medical challenges that need professional medical assistance. Our products do not intend to replace medical guidance.

How to take a mud bath:

Mix a 1/2 cup of mud with your choice of therapeutic essential oils. Full the tub with very warm water and add the mud, mixing it as it fills.  Soak in the tub for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Once you’re done do not wash off, instead let the water out and push the grit down the drain as it continues to drain with no harm to your plumbing.

After the bath, either put on your pajamas and rest for at least one-half hour, or if you believe you are coming down with a cold or flu, wrap yourself in a robe and keep your body warm as you may sweat for about 15 – 20 minutes.  Then go to bed for a great night’s sleep!

Our Beauty Mission:
Our passion and necessity, for us at AMOR Skin Therapy, is creating products that are clean and do not interfere with our bodily systems! With the rise of many forms of Cancer in the United States, it is imperative we all become responsible concerning what we use on our skin and in our bodies. Our goals are improving the health and appearance of the skin and keeping the body free of toxins. We have created skin care from two Colorado FDA approved laboratories that are free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, dyes, fragrances and are gluten free, cruelty-free and vegan. We use high quality therapeutic, organic and wild crafted, essential oils that do not disrupt the endocrine system and do not accumulate in our bodily tissues. AMOR products are nutrient concentrated and, therefore, results can be seen in as little as 30 minutes!!! We thank you for your support and joining us in this amazing journey to good health!
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