The Frequency of Essential Oils

Essential Oils Frequency

Did you know that our life-force (or Chi) depends on our frequency.  When our frequency drops, that’s when illness and disease happens and we get sick. When our frequency is elevated, we have more energy and create an environment which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live.  Ways to keep our frequency high include good rest and exercise, eating healthy, and, of course, self-care. 

Eating healthy foods is the number one starting place to raising the body’s frequency. The higher quality of foods you eat, the better for your brain and body. Of course, eating organic and fresh foods is going to be a higher frequency uptake in your body than eating something that is dead, microwaved or poor quality and processes. See this article for more information on eating healthy foods that raise your frequency and why.

Other ways to raise your frequency include using homeopathic and medicinal opportunities for self-care and vibrancy. Our essential oils at are high grade therapeutic oils either organic or wild crafted.  Essential Oils are “essential” for GOOD HEALTH!

  • Frankincense has the highest of our oils’ frequency with 255 hz, and can can help build the immune system and is useful for scaring and anti-inflammation 
  • Sweet Marjoram can be used for nerve and muscle pain relief
  • Lavender, peppermint & rosemary have pain-relieving qualities
  • Bergamont (known as natures prozac), helps with depression
  • Lavender, which is very safe for children, can assist with calming, sleep, and also in treating burns

Exploring essential oils to promote your own physical and emotional healing is a personal journey, but here at Moor Than Mud, we can help guide you.  Our oils we know are comparable in quality to Doterra and YoungLiving, and we are always here to answer any questions about our products and usage.

You can call Judy anytime with questions and to place an order at: (855) 439-8747

Happy New Year to you and your skin, and may your skin care routine be as therapeutic as you deserve!