Why Chirally Correct for AMOR Skin Therapy

Chiral purification allows removal of the undesirable side of the ingredient molecule so only the desirable molecule is used to increase the absorption rate which allows full benefit of the ingredient to truly be absorbed by the skin.

Chiral (Ki-Rul) is from the Greek word (kheir) meaning hand. Most biologically important molecules are chiral, meaning they exist in the left and right-handed mirror image forms.

Chiral compounds and their properties are part of every biochemical process in the human body. Bio-living matter contains an equal number of L and D molecules, yet a characteristic signature of life is that it uses only one hand (the L or the D) to achieve a specific result.

If a product does not take the chirality of its active ingredients into consideration it cannot be effective on a highly evolved, complex biochemical organ like human skin, whose very structure is chiral.

Chiral ingredients have an ‘L’ or a ‘D’ preceding the name of the ingredient. If an ingredient has a “DL” (i.e. DL alpha tocopherol) it is NOT chiral because the molecules have not been separated.

Chiral technology creates pure products, with high concentrations of active ingredients compared to skin care that does not separate the molecules.

AMOR Skin Therapy formulates the products first making them pure and Chirally Correct which makes them extremely effective.

We formulate the products to be paraben-free with no artificial preservatives to eliminate any adverse reactions. There are no fillers or chemicals as the products remain fresh and active for at least 18 months before they begin to become less effective.

Products that work, products that are effective and products that are priced competitively are of great importance as being concentrated, they last for a longer period of time.

Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey enabling us to bring to you the best products resulting in high performance for your skin and your overall health!

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